Wednesday, 24 August 2011

the Kitchen at night

The customer sent us some night time pictures of her kitchen, so we could see how the lights illuminated it.

The blue led lights in the plinths

and the under cupboard lights. These two photos show only the under lights on.. nothing else!

Contact us, if you would like us to quote for any kitchen work.
Property Development Plus

Friday, 19 August 2011

the final photos

The final photos from the Ockendon kitchen..

its now all painted, the electrics all finished and is now being used.

If you want your kitchen refurbished, or a completely new kitchen, do please get in touch. Freefone on the right of this blog.

If you would like your own pet tray, or extra worktop space on wheels - again please get in touch with Property Development Plus, Kitchen Specialists.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Essex Kitchen

We're almost done in the Ockendon kitchen.
Here are more photos of the progress.

wall tiles, floor tiles, and a canine supervisor! 

Now we have to grout the wall tiles, add some sockets, under cupboard lights, new plinths and plinth lights, paint the walls and ceiling - then we're done!
Property Development Plus, Kitchen Specialists.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Unique trolley cart and dog (or cat) feeding tray.

In this kitchen refurbishment, we created a couple of unique items for the customer.

The customer has a lovely rescue dog, who originally came from Battersea Dogs Home. We made a pet tray for her, using some of the worktop; we edged it in aluminium to make it look extra special.

We can offer these hand made trays to any pet owner who wants something stylish for their kitchen.  Use the phone number on the right and get in touch!

We also made a cart/trolley .
It was made to house the recycling bins and a dog food bin.
Topped off with matching worktop and edged in aluminium, having lockable castors, this is a great way of having a little extra storage and extra worktop space anywhere in the kitchen that you need it.
Sides were left unpainted, so that the customer could match it to her wall decor. 

This can be made for any customer - just as the pet tray, whether or not you have a full kitchen.  Just get in touch .

Property Development Plus, Kitchen Specialists.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

More progress

The kitchen has been progressing well.
Because this was a refurbishment, we re-used the customer's cupboards .
The customer wanted a different arrangement to the previous kitchen, so we placed the cupboards where she requested and made a couple of filling pieces, a pullout stainless steel drawer and an open display shelf for her crystal vases. The wooden pieces will eventually be painted white by the customer.
The door handles are all being swapped over to match the one on the stainless steel drawer.
A radiator was also fitted under the window.
Property Development Plus, Kitchen Specialists.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Kitchen Progress

We have some more photos of the progress of the works in Essex.

The kitchen is stripped to its bare bones, all pipe work relocated to service the new design, all electrical work undertaken and a new door fitted to replace the old draughty stable door.
Property Development Plus, Kitchen Specialists

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Kitchen refurbishment in Ockendon, Essex

Here at PDP we are currently working on a kitchen refurbishment in Ockendon.

The customers who bought this house were not happy that the kitchen floor flexed whenever they walked across it. They were worried about collapse. We investigated and found a suspended floor, propped up on concrete blocks.

The refurbishment of the kitchen was an ideal opportunity to correct this floor and bring the customers some peace of mind.

These photos show the kitchen prior to commencement - and the last is showing the ply panels on the floor and the concrete blocks below.
Property Development Plus, Kitchen Specialists.